Friday, 26 December 2014

Looking back and looking forward

2014 is drawing to an end and it is time to see what I accomplished this year and what I plan for the next. Looking back I realise that I have finished fewer projects than I thought, but I won’t fret. Especially since I don’t know when I will want to sew again. In early December a close relative died, very unexpectedly and my family and I are still reeling from shock and grief and for the moment I don’t want to sew at all. Meanwhile I’m cleaning my sewing room and sorting through projects.

Finished in 2014

1780’s brown linen stays.

18th century plain linen cap

1770’s blue silk stays. (Unfortunately I don’t have a better pic yet.)

Embroidered stomacher

Small 18th century linen cap with lace ruffle. You can see it on the pic above.

1940’s skirt in brown silk noil.

Of course, I started a few projects that I haven’t finished this year, so my UFO list is suddenly quite long again:

1740’s black wool jacket. Almost done, but I need to attach the basque and the cuffs.
Silk banyan for J. Also on homestretch.
1630’s purple bodice. Setting sleeves and needs a stomacher
Late 15th century brassiere Working on the toile.
1630’s plain linen collar Need to make a few more pleats, then sew together the pattern pieces.
The embroidered polonaise. My oldest UFO. Let’s hope that 2015 will see it finished!
Gustaf III’s national gown in white. The bodice is done, the petticoat needs to be decorated and then there is the gown…
1916 skirt. Needs waistband, buttons and hemming.
Regency stays. Another oldie…
1940’s raincoat. Another “almost done” project
Faux fur. Need to put ibn the lining.
1940’s wool jacket. Still working on the toile
1940’s dotted rayon dress. I made a mistake at the neckline. If I can collect myself and put that right, the dress will be finished.

At least 13 UFO’s in other words, though many of them have little left. Seven projects was started during 2014, so bad me. When I want to sew again I plan to finish the 1740’s jacket first and then continue to work on at least one UFO. The goal is to not have 13 UFO’s around at the end of 2015.

Plans for 2015

Too many, I’m afraid.

J’s mid-17th century outfit.

The 17the century sewing challenge, which I actually have to make an effort to do, as I started it all up… I need to make a shift, bodice, petticoat and the chignon/cap.

Then there is The Manuscript Challenge. This will be a late 15th century outfit. I have started on the supportive underwear that I feel I need, but then there is a shift, kirtle, loose sleeves and headdress to make. And hose, shoes and belt…

The Dreamstress is holding The Historical Sew Forthly again this year, only this year it is Monthly, instead, so only 12 challenges. I’m in two minds here. I love the idea but I have dismally failed to keep it up. But with only 12 challenges it may feel more do-able. I need to go through the challenges and ponder a little here.

What I would love to make as well is to make the petticoat for the 1630’s purple gown, a 1916 jacket to go with the skirt and an early mantua.


ZipZip said...

Dear Isis,
I am sorry to hear of your loss. May time and dear ones bring comfort. It's no wonder you'd rather not sew...



Elle said...

I hope that gradually you will go back to doing something you love, and that the peaceful activity of sewing will help you find joy in daily life again, with time.
I love love love the dress on the medieval painting you posted.
Kind Regards

Isis said...

Natalie: Thank you so much!

Isis said...

Elle: Thank you. I will, I am sure. :) It's a pretty dress, isn't it?

Rowenna said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss--such a difficult thing to face.

In looking at your past year...goodness! Such beautiful work! Both sets of stays are just lovely! And I can't wait to see what you create in 2015.

Isis said...

Rowenna: Thank you so much!

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