Wednesday, 30 July 2014

18th century in sveltering heat

One week of my vacation is over, three more to go. As I only worked four days the forthnight before my actual vacation, I feel like I have had vacation for three weeks already and is pleasantly surprised when I remember that I have a lot of vacation time left. Stockholm is in the middle of an unusually hot heatwave, so last week was spent at the summer house in the archipelagio with lots of bathing and reading books in the shade. Very restful. We also spent a weekend at Skansen at their annual 18th century weeks, naturally on the two hottest days of the year. My clothes were decided after the need of NOT wearing a wig and as my batante isn't finished so I decided to "play dairymaid" and went without a gown. Yes, I was practically naked in just shift, stays, three petticoats, apron, cap, hat, stockings and shoes. Quite shocking, wouldn't you say?

I swear, if it is as hot next year, I will make myself a bathing shift and place a tub in the garden!

J went back to nature as well and scraped daikons for dinner.

While the wife had fun with the workers in the hay. I also realized that I badly need a busk.
Then the master arrived...

But evidently the oppressed workers rised in revolution.


SarahW said...

Here in Richmond (Virginia, USA) we giggle about Swedish heat waves.
A heat wave here is a few days above 100 degrees, with high humidity.

But I think we stole your summer, in has been much cooler than average, today only in the low 80s.

Isis said...

SarahW: Well, it all depends on what you are used to. I have been to the Faroe Islands when they had a heatwave and everyone was running around in t-shirt and shorts. *I* wore a woolen sweater. :)

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